1 bowl/spoon/chopsticks + £20 of ramen2 bowls/spoons/chopsticks + £20 of ramen4 bowls/spoons/chopsticks + £20 of ramen4 bowls/spoons/chopsticks + £40 of ramen


These bundles include ramen bowl/s plus chopsticks and spoon/s and either £20 worth of ramen of your choice or a £20 gift voucher. Great for the home or as a gift. If you'd like a custom bundle just get in touch and we'll be happy to help. 

Please view the bowls and ramen pages to see what stock we have at the moment and leave us a note to tell us what you'd like when checking out. The photos here don't necessarily reflect the items we have in stock. 

A minimum order of £20 is required in order to checkout.

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Our ramen kits are made by hand with care using top-quality ingredients, and delivered frozen for long-lasting storage. Each pack contains broth, tare & oil (combined), specially-paired noodles, and either chashu pork or soboro topping.


National delivery takes place every Thursday and costs £6.95. We deliver around the Cardiff area by hand every Friday and this costs £3.95. Order cut-off is end of Tuesday for national delivery and end of Thursday for local delivery. Minimum order £19.50. 


For a list of allergens please click here.